Solutions: Lead Generation

Content Syndication
You provide the content. We get you highly engaged leads. It’s that simple. A standard lead generation typically delivers 75 leads in 90 days or less, but there are myriad options available. Contact us to discuss a program designed for your business needs. Amp up visibility for your content with a precise, integrated marketing plan including:

Promotional emails
Digital display ads on highly-trafficked platform and highly engaged e-Newsletter audience
Posted to the media site of your choice

You provide the HTML email, and select the exact audience you want to reach. And our audience experts will handle the rest, creating a powerful email campaign for your brand with precise audience targeting. We'll make sure your company reaches the prospects you want. 

Access the exclusive HIMSS audience database containing: HIMSS members, event attendees, virtual events registrants, HIMSS Media subscribers, website visitors
You Pick: Select demographics; layer in engagement by topics and behavior
Powerful Deployment to the largest, most engaged audience in the industry

Smart Sites
You get editorial oversight, powerful content promotion and qualified leads without any heavy-lifting with this exclusive sponsorship.

Experience the benefits of a custom-built, topic-centered digital destination
You get content promotion and content optimization
Powerful audience engagement and lead generation
Full analytics & reporting

Industry Solutions Webinars
You supply the content and speaker. We connect you with an audience, a moderator and promote it with a powerful marketing campaign. Standard virtual event packages guarantee 150 leads.

Demonstrate your thought leadership with decision-makers looking for solutions
Address our highly-engaged audiences, & connect with new clients through our webinar speaking opportunities
360 degree marketing promotion and project management plan. Includes: promotional emails; display ads on highly-trafficked platforms; eNewsletter display ads

Virtual Briefings
You provide content directive and content. These powerful Virtual Briefings are a single day, exclusive sponsor event, consisting of 3 sessions, 30 minutes each. We’ll promote your content out to an audience specifically interested in that topic. You select speakers for 1 of 3 sessions.

Networking and event discussion with audience
Option to include incentives such as white papers, videos, or case studies
Logo included on branded audience outreach and during event