Virtual Events: Webinars

Our full-service webinar program allows you to generate valuable registrants and connect with key decision-makers while presenting your thought leadership or case studies. Our client services and production team ensures that all the critical stages of your event are addressed in a single offering, including full project management, a comprehensive promotion and media plan, campaign creation and deployment, event management and instruction, event reporting and event archiving.

Benefits include:

  • Client kick-off meeting to review webinar best practices, establish program timeline
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Speaker & platform training
  • Day of event services including live event facilitation
  • Full contact information of registrants and attendees,  including demographics
  • Live webinar recording
  • Promotional campaign
  • Live Q&A with the audience
  • Exit survey to gain additional feedback
  • Post-webinar email to attendees and no-shows
  • Post-webinar statistics and reporting

Best Practices:

  • Introduce solutions only after a significant case has been established, demonstrating a clear need.
  • Feature presenters from third-party sources to gain credibility.
  • Include market trends and drivers. Remember, market drivers are about your industry and not about your solution.

Title Writing Tips:

  • Make the title a promise or a result the reader will achieve after attending the webinar
  • Be ultra-specific, unique and useful
  • Use keywords in the title (i.e. use keywords that are hot topics in the industry today)
  • Keep it short
  • Use a number in the title (i.e. 10 reasons or 6 mistakes)
  • Include a lively and active verb (i.e. “eliminating,” “growing,” “speeding” and “enhancing”)
  • Address the why: Does your title explain why people should attend your webinar?
  • Use a colon: you can lead with a single word or catchy phrase and immediately follow through with a  description of the topic.

For more information, contact your area sales representative.