Virtual Events: Calendar

10 HIMSS Analytics Essential Knowledge Series: A look at trends in Health IT Security
16 HIMSS17 and Cybersecurity: Insights Across the Three Pillars of Annual Conference
17 Yes, we can! Attracting the future leaders in STEM
25 Healthcare’s Dilemma: The Proliferation of the Internet of Medical Things and How to Secure Them
8 HIMSS17 Conference Orientation: Prepare for Your Visit before You Arrive
8 Optimizing the IT – Business Relationship
28 Meet the Most Influential Women in Health IT
21 From Improved Data to Improved Outcomes
24 Cloud Technology Trends to Watch in Healthcare
4 Benefits of Information Governance Initiatives
9 National Nurses Week 2017 Webinar Series: Nursing Informatics 101: Encompassing the Value of Nursing Informatics through the Past, Present, and Future
12 National Nurses Week 2017 Webinar Series: The Evolution of Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform: The TIGER Initiative
15 A Nurse's Story: A Clinician's Career Transition from Bedside to Boardroom
17 Value Driven Health Care; Define, Drive and Deliver
26 HIMSS Analytics Essential Knowledge Series: Current trends in Mobile Healthcare Technology
9 HIMSS Analytics Essential Knowledge Series: 2017 Trends in Telemedicine Technology
13 Do You Know What it Really Costs to Deliver Care? How to Optimize Value & Outcomes
14 Get the Leeches Out of Your Item Master
26 A Physician’s Story: A Clinician’s Career Transition From Bedside to Boardroom
14 Quality Payment Program Year 2: An Overview of the Proposed Rule
16 HIMSS 2017 Cybersecurity Survey Results: Have We Made Progress?
22 Maximizing Minority Voices of Women in Health IT