Demand Generation

Engage decision-makers, drive interest in your solutions and generate leads.

Demand Generation

Engage Decision-Makers and Generate Leads

HIMSS Media combines the industry’s largest, most engaged healthcare technology audience with all of HIMSS' first-party data and the most sophisticated toolkit for reaching and engaging decision-makers to deliver results for your demand generation programs.

Content Syndication

Promote your thought leadership and engage the HIMSS audience through content syndication programs. Leverage HIMSS first-party data to share your existing branded educational content (or custom content created for you by the HIMSS Media Lab) with an audience that engages around your topic. Content Syndication programs are customized for each client and content asset and result in a pipeline of leads to help you achieve your business objectives.

Industry Solutions Webinars

Showcase your industry expertise and thought leadership to the HIMSS audience. You supply the content and speaker, HIMSS Media markets, hosts and moderates the webinar. 150 guaranteed leads.

Editorial Webinars

Align your brand with industry thought leaders by sponsoring a webinar on a topic important to your organization. Editorial webinars are developed and delivered by the HIMSS editorial team and feature a speaker that is a leading subject matter expert. 200 guaranteed leads.  

Learning Channel Sponsorship

Position your organization as a leader in industry education, and expand buyer knowledge around topics that align with your solution. Learning Channels are created in the HIMSS Learning Center and include three webinars and three content extension pieces. The HIMSS media team will build interest and enagement with target audience segments and nurture them throughout the sponsorship.

Smart Sites

Demonstrate thought leadership and create a steady flow of leads with a turnkey, topic-centered microsite. HIMSS Media will create a branded experience with an independent voice around a topic aligned with your solution. The site features a mix of custom-developed,continuously refreshed editorial content and client content. Engagement is built through curated weekly newsletters, email, digital and social campaigns and SEO.