4 Key Takeaways from the Healthcare IT Marketing Priorities Research Report

Andrew Moravick

Healthcare IT (HIT) marketing is a game that’s won with knowledge. Sixty-eight percent of HIT buyers want to see proven success with other healthcare customers. Sixty-one percent want to see a demonstrated understanding of the healthcare industry in the vendors they choose. Healthcare IT buyers generally want better, more relevant marketing and sales experiences according to our HIT buyer research. In other words, healthcare IT marketers need to know their stuff…

What’s happening with healthcare IT marketers?

How are HIT marketers executing in the healthcare IT space, and serving these savvy HIT buyers? Our latest research surveying HIT marketing peers and exploring healthcare IT marketing priorities helps to explain what’s happening from the marketing side of things.

While buyer preferences are one side of the equation, what HIT marketers are doing is also critical. It shows us how the market is reacting, and how well HIT marketers are adapting to this space.

4 Key Healthcare IT Marketing Takeaways:

To sum up our research, here are 4 key points worth noting.

  1. Follow the Money: HIT marketers are signaling a fairly positive spending outlook, with direct response activities accounting for the largest share of marketing spend.


  1. Observing Obstacles: Top challenges facing HIT marketers include generating and nurturing more quality leads and targeting attracting new customers. This is common to most marketers, but how HIT marketers handle these challenges is a key point of differentiation.


  1. Optimistic Outlook for a Bumpy Road: HIT marketers largely feel positive about their understanding/strategy around strategic initiatives but fall short on execution in key areas.


  1. Driven to Diversify Approaches: HIT marketers are focusing and accelerating spending in a number of areas including lead gen, content marketing, video, virtual events, ABM, and research.


For more in-depth research and insights, you can read the full report here!

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