5 Tips for Fueling Video Marketing from Live Events via HIMSS TV

Andrew Moravick

At HIMSS Media, as marketers, we’re fortunate to have our annual calendars crammed full of intriguing industry events which can be rocket fuel for capturing and inspiring content. With our HIMSS TV channel, we also have a widely viewed network for hosting and distributing rich, compelling video content. It’s no secret why we harness the synergies between event marketing and video marketing with HIMSS TV, but to share the wealth a bit, here are some insights and examples you can use to foster similar advantages.

Capitalize on Convening Unique Perspectives for Group Discussions & Panels:

Events, by their nature, are a melting pot. For healthcare and information technology events, there’s healthcare and technology experts, of course, but you also get leaders, business people, and individuals from all walks of life who have a stake in healthcare. In this case, we were fortunate enough to have three government leaders from Vermont, Maryland, and Pennsylvania who also are healthcare practitioners. As a momentary meeting, it’d be a unique conversation to be a part of at an event. With video marketing via HIMSS TV, that moment was captured and shared for anyone who’d be interested.



Release Research with a Rich Medium:

HIMSS Media’s healthcare information technology (HIT) content marketing research shows that 90% of HIT buyers report difficulty in finding trusted information to inform technology decisions. In the same research, 50% of HIT marketers reported that events were an effective location for distributing content. Using live experts at events to share research is a content win outright, but being able to capture video coverage of these insights live, on-site is an easy win that compounds in value.



 Capture Value from Vendors’ Subject Matter Experts:

An effective vendor at any live event or conference doesn’t just send marketing collateral and sales people. They exhibit with a value-oriented presence, and that often includes having executives, internal subject matter experts, or even external thought leaders doubling as brand advocates.

In this sponsored interview from Jennifer Esposito, Intel’s worldwide manager of  their health and life sciences group, we capture a valuable, informed perspective on AI in healthcare for the HIMSS TV audience. For Intel, it’s also an easy win for easily securing compelling thought leadership content with little more effort than the conversation captured here:



Give a Case Study a Face:

A major appeal of any event is the promise of experts on-site who have already achieved goals or conquered challenges that attendees deal with on a day to day basis. When it comes to hospital sophistication around Electronic Medical Records (EMR), an Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) score is a powerful indication of success. In this video, HIMSS TV connected with Jane Miller, COO of Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia; the first hospital in Australia to achieve an elite level 7 EMRAM score. On paper, this would be an extremely valuable case study.

By connecting with Jane at a HIMSS APAC event, though, Jane was able to give a personable, human touch to how to successfully deploy EMR at a pediatric hospital.



Let Thought Leaders Lead:

At HIMSS’ Health 2.0 conference, we connected with Bettina Experton, MD and CEO of Humetrix, a company using technology to give consumers better access to their medical records. This interoperability-enabling capability also allows Humetrix to take a unique position positing that consumers can become the primary drivers of ensuring the promises of interoperability are realized.  Via video at live-events, marketers have the opportunity to benefit from giving provocative thought leaders a wide-reaching spotlight to share their vision.



You can learn more on HIMSS TV marketing opportunities here, or more about HIMSS Media events here.


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