Seven Critical Healthcare IT Content Marketing Questions Answered by HIMSS Media’s Research-Backed eBook

Andrew Moravick

Creating effective content for the healthcare IT space is not easy. At HIMSS Media, we’ve been in the healthcare IT content game for a while, and we know there’s always more questions to ask and always more ways to improve. We’ve also found, though, that knowledge of how to be effective in this space benefits all players. The better marketers can communicate the value of transformative healthcare technologies and innovative solutions, the sooner patients, providers, and healthcare organizations can benefit from the implementations of those offerings.

That’s why we’re pleased to share our latest eBook:

7 Research-Backed Best Practices for Healthcare IT Content Marketing

If any of the following questions (or more) have popped up in your healthcare IT content marketing efforts, we’re confident this eBook will be well worth the read!

7 Healthcare IT Content Marketing Questions Worth Asking and With Worthwhile Answers:

  1. Who are the people we need to reach with content?
    You need to know the world you’re working in before you can do any meaningful work. If you’re looking for answers on who your buyers are (emphasis on the plural tense), you’re already on the right track…
  2. What do we need from our organization to be effective?
    As a minor spoiler alert, just having content isn’t enough for effective content marketing – especially in the healthcare information and technology space. You definitely need to know what you need from your organization in order to get the results you want.
  3. Where should we set our expectations for our content efforts?
    Expectations make a bigger difference than you might… expect. Setting expectations appropriately for where you’re starting is vital for paving a path to where you want to go.
  4. When are we ready for or in need of a documented content strategy?
    You may have heard you need a documented content strategy, but do you know why? Is a bad strategy that’s documented any better than a bad strategy that’s not? It depends on if your organization is ready to use the hard truths that come from documentation, or not…
  5. Why do our buyers find certain content to be valuable or worthwhile?
    “Why” questions are often the hardest to answer, but when it comes to content, why your audience finds certain things of value is essentially why you’re creating content in the first place. If this is a question your organization is asking, our eBook will hopefully be a useful reward in helping you find answers.
  6. How do we balance our business goals with buyer needs in our content?
    There’s always a level of push and pull in marketing. Managing the balance of what your organization wants to say and what your audience needs or wants to hear is vital for effective content. It’s definitely a useful question to ask, and one we hope we can help you answer.
  7. And is there anything that helps to bring it all together?
    In a word, measurement. We dig into why it’s so important, but at its core, effective content marketing is never a guessing game or a gimmick. It’s a process of continually understanding and improving to better serve your buyers, and better succeed at your business goals.

If you have a lot of questions about healthcare IT content marketing, good! There’s always more to learn, and there’s always new paths to improvement. We hope, though, that this eBook will help to give you the kinds of answers that will keep you moving forward.

Download 7 Research-Backed Best Practices for Healthcare IT Content Marketing here!

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