Solutions: Custom Content

Powerful, engaging content to fuel your marketing programs

HIMSS Media Lab is the largest and most successful content lab in the industry. We scientifically study audience engagement for each of the 350K+ assets in our content library. This data, along with our proprietary buying process and persona research allows our team to create custom content that motivates decision-makers to take action. Programs that use content created by HIMSS Media Lab achieve results 35% faster than programs that use vendor-supplied content.
‚Ėļ INDUSTRY RESEARCH -¬†Generate data and insights to fuel your content marketing, position your brand as a thought leader and advance your go-to-market strategy.
‚Ėļ CASE STUDIES -¬†Showcase the results you deliver for clients with the type of content that 79% of buyers say is very important in the buying process.
‚Ėļ WHITE PAPERS AND E-BOOKS -¬†Educate and inform your audience and demonstrate industry leadership with authoritative content that also aligns with your value proposition.
‚Ėļ ORIGINAL CUSTOM CONTENT - Marketing programs rely on a continuous flow of new content to move accounts into and through the buying process. The HIMSS Media Lab is here to help with native content pieces, videos, infographics, blog posts, social content and more.
‚Ėļ CONTENT AUDITS - How impactful is your content with the decision-makers and influencers across each stage of the buying process? The team will scientifically study your content library to identify gaps and make recommendations for where to focus for the biggest impact.



We know how to create breakthrough content for your brand. The HIMSS Media Lab delivers powerful content strategies to help our clients crack the code on content marketing to healthcare professionals. Leveraging our design team, custom content pros, audience analysis team, and anchored by the Center for Content Analytics, the Media Lab applies a scientific approach to better align clients’ content with distinct, data-supported Health IT buyer personas.

Let our team of writers, designers, and technology wizards craft quality content designed to attract and engage your ideal customers.

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