Solutions: Demand Generation

Engage decision-makers and generate leads

HIMSS Media combines the industry’s largest, most engaged healthcare technology audience with extensive first party engagement and behavior data and the most sophisticated toolkit for reaching and engaging decision-makers to deliver results for your demand generation programs.
SMARTMAIL – Extend your reach beyond your internal email list through an email campaign targeting the HIMSS Media audience and leveraging one of the HIMSS Media brands.
CONTENT SYNDICATION – Reach decision-makers and influencers as your branded content is promoted across our powerful digital platforms, delivering a pipeline of qualified leads.
INDUSTRY SOLUTION WEBINARS – Showcase your expertise through an educational web seminar. We engage the audience. You deliver the content. 150 guaranteed leads.
EDITORIAL WEBINARS – Sponsor a webinar on a topic selected by our editorial team. We create the content and engage the audience. You receive recognition in promotional materials and 200 guaranteed leads.
IN FOCUS EBOOK SERIES – Align your brand with HIMSS and generate new leads by sponsoring one or more topic-focused HIMSS18 summary eBooks.
SMART SITES – Let HIMSS Media create and maintain a custom, topic-focused microsite tailored to your audience and designed to drive ongoing engagement and deliver new leads.