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The industry's most authoritative source covering the people, policy and technology driving next-generation healthcare.

HIMSS Information Brands

Market-Leading Information Brands Helping Industry Professionals Transform Health Through Information and Technology

HIMSS Media's information brands deliver news, analysis, thought leadership and educational content to a global audience of healthcare technology decision-makers with the goal of helping these audiences stay informed and better understand how technology and innovation is shaping the future of healthcare. 

Healthcare IT News

Healthcare IT News is the industry’s authoritative source covering the people, policy, and technology driving next-generation healthcare.

Coverage focuses on news, features, analysis and decision content tied to healthcare information and technology. Key topics include analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, EHR, government & policy, interoperability, patient engagement, population health, precision medicine, privacy & security, telehealth, and women in health IT.

Content is created to inform and support our core audience of executive and management-level professionals at hospitals, health systems and medical practices.

By the numbers Healthcare IT News generates on average 645K monthly page views from 292K unique monthly visitors. The brand has 77K unique newsletter subcribers and 150K social followers. Healthcare IT News was a 2018 Neal Award Finalist.


MobiHealthNews, the leading provider of news, commentary, online events and research for the global digital health community. As the industry’s first daily focused on digital health, it has built a following of healthcare industry insiders who rely on MobiHealthNews for its analysis and up-to-the minute coverage.

MobiHealthNews covers digital healthcare and healthcare innovation, with a particular focus on the consumerization of healthcare, often in the form of patient-facing apps. Because of the evolving nature of the space, we try not to be rigid in our coverage categories, but areas of particular interest include telemedicine, digital therapeutics, and digital health investment. 

Many healthcare entrepreneurs and investors read MobiHealthNews, but our focus is on keeping the executive decision-makers at hospitals, insurers, and pharma companies informed of developments in the industry.

By the numbers, MobiHealthNews generates on average 349K monthly page views from 161K unique monthly visitors. The brand has 40K unique newsletter subscribers and 40K social followers. MobiHealthNews was a 2017 Neal Award Finalist.

Healthcare Finance

Healthcare Finance is the leading industry news source providing healthcare financial executives the comprehensive coverage, analysis, best practices and how-to-content they need to face today’s unprecedented industry challenges. 

Coverage focuses on news and features tied to healthcare operations and finance for provider and payer organizations. Key topics include revenue cycle management, emerging reimbursement and operating models, business analytics, capital finance, payer-provider relationships, supply chain management, population health management, healthcare policy and workforce management strategies.

Content is created to inform and support executive and management-level individuals at provider and payer organizations. Those include CFOs, CEOs, COOs, compliance and business development officers, VPs of revenue cycle, supply chain directors, and more.

By the numbers Healthcare Finance generates on average 223K monthly page views from 120K unique monthly visitors. The brand has 31K unique newsletter subscribers and 41K social followers.


HIMSS TV is the first online broadcasting network, focused on global innovation and how technology is driving change in healthcare. HIMSS TV runs throughout the year with new programming added from major HIMSS events and industry thought leaders.