Account-Based Marketing

Engage and influence your key accounts and personas through customized, multi-channel programs designed to drive client-specific outcomes.

Account-Based Marketing

Building Lasting Relationships with Your Key Accounts 

HIMSS Media's new ABM Solutions allow clients to leverage the industry’s largest first-party data set of healthcare technology buyers. Through the fully integrated HIMSS Audience Intelligence Platform (AIP), clients can receive unparalleled insights into key account activities across media, mobile, video, education, events, social, and other high-impact channels. Using this intelligence, HIMSS data and marketing experts have developed a portfolio of programs and services to help clients create deeper, more engaging and efficient multi-channel campaigns. Together, the HIMSS AIP and ABM solutions help clients move decision-makers and influencers in the Buyer Collective through the path to purchase, and deliver better outcomes for account-based marketing and sales activities.

Whether you’re focused on gathering account and persona intelligence, penetrating target accounts, creating personalized customer experiences, optimizing marketing spend or improving alignment between sales and marketing, HIMSS Media will work with you to implement an account-based marketing program that achieves your objectives.

Channel-Specific ABM Programs

HIMSS Media offers an incredible range of solutions that can be tailored to your specific account-based marketing objectives, audiences, timeframes and budget. Our Audience Intelligence Platform and powerful ABM tools help your organization understand and engage your most important targets through one or more of our audience channels, including digital display, native advertising, content syndication, HIMSS TV, social media, email, HIMSS Global Conference, custom events and more!

ABM Momentum

This turnkey solution gives you the opportunity to create brand awareness and topic association among target accounts by aligning client messaging adjacent to HIMSS editorial perspectives. It’s a great first program for those who are newer to ABM or are beginning to establish their presence in the healthcare industry or around a specific category.

ABM Topic Affinity

This sustained thought leadership program aligns your brand to a specific topic covered by HIMSS editorial, driving deep topic engagement with your key targets. It also provides account and buyer intelligence around topic affinity and related topics of interest, helping you optimize market messaging over time. It can be highly customized (content, channels, engagements, duration), and can complement your existing ABM activities, delivering data directly to your CRM.

ABM Journey

This targeted, multi-channel program uses a blend of HIMSS editorial assets and your thought leadership content to engage target account personas within the buyer collective through the phases of the buying journey. Beginning with an audit of your content and a campaign strategy, this highly customized approach is designed for ABM teams looking to nurture buyers and influencers in key accounts with high value content through multiple touchpoints. The program also provides real-time reporting and direct CRM integration.