HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition Media Programs

Maximize the value of your Global Conference investment through programs designed to reach attendees and all who engage around the event before, during and following the conference.

HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition Media Programs

Amplify Your Presence at HIMSS24 and Maximize ROI

HIMSS Media HIMSS24 solutions allow you to capitalize on the heightened industry engagement around the conference, amplifying your visibility and extending your reach to the tens of thousands of decision-makers that follow the conference remotely through HIMSS TV, the Right Now Newsletter , Healthcare IT News, Healthcare Finance and MobiHealthNews. Learn more about our conference-specific programs which address solution providers pre-conference, onsite and post-conference awareness, demand generation content marketing and thought leadership needs.

See HIMSS TV in Action!

Showcase your brand and thought leadership to a global audience passionate about healthcare innovation. These unique opportunities extend beyond digital realms, offering high-visibility engagement on the ground at HIMSS24 in Orlando. Increase exposure onsite and with those who tune in remotely through this powerful and influential communication channel – share how you’re changing the industry through a variety of video offerings.

Right Now Newsletter

Boost Your Brand with the Right Now Newsletter: Tap into a network of over 90K global health conference contacts, and amplify your reach with an additional 50K digital impressions. Connect directly with decision-makers and influencers in the healthcare industry. Elevate your presence at HIMSS24, where your message becomes a part of the most crucial conversations.

EXCLUSIVE! HIMSS24 Special Coverage

Boost your brand's credibility by aligning with HIMSS's esteemed editorial content at HIMSS24. This special coverage opportunity not only enhances your brand's visibility but also associates it with trusted, authoritative industry insights. Position your brand as a thought leader and gain the trust of a targeted, engaged audience, driving higher engagement and fostering deeper connections.

EXCLUSIVE! Special Email Alerts

Daily Special Alerts broadcast the daily energy from the show floor, special guest interviews, new product announcements and more.

HIMSS24 Geofencing

Harness the power of geofencing at HIMSS24 to directly target the conference's audience with precision. By utilizing mobile ads and video content, this strategy enables you to connect with attendees both within and surrounding the event space. This approach not only increases the relevancy of your ads but also boosts engagement, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience at the perfect moment.

HIMSS24 Topic Spotlight

Own the conversation around a specific topic by sponsoring pre- and/or post-conference supplements. In our Spotlight Series, we take a deep dive around key topics currently front and center in the healthcare industry. Whether it’s breaking down the subject matter pre-conference or key takeaways post-conference, the Spotlight Series will position your brand as a thought leader to a targeted audience and generate qualified leads


HIMSS24 Brand Bundle

Drive brand awareness and increase foot traffic with digital display bundles. With access to an engaged audience of healthcare influencers and decision-makers, we put your brand front and center, increasing reach and visibility, across channels and devices before, during and/or after the conference.

Content Extensions

Discover how to amplify your brand's voice at the HIMSS Global Health Conference. Leverage our unique service to transform your educational sessions into dynamic content marketing assets, like case studies and white papers, enhancing your booth's impact. Extend your in-market conversations and make a lasting impression with tailored, compelling content that resonates with your audience.